Friday, 25 November 2016

A few more sunny photos...

The last day :(

A beautiful sunny day at Bracelet Bay gave some fantastic opportunities for rock-pooling and sand sculptures today.

What an amazing group of children.  They have achieved so much in such a short time. I hope they have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing them on Monday.

Almost back to school.

We're just had a brief stop, journey going well. Hope to be back at school about 6.45pm
See you soon.

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Just left Kilvrough in the sunshine. We will update an Eta when we are closer to school. Hopefully about 7pm

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Friday morning

To the mums and the dads and siblings

We have really enjoyed our trip to kilvrough and really missing you all! Yesterday we went canoeing which was really fun. We can’t wait to see you guys love you lots!


Indi and Josie


I have enjoyed kilvrough, our guide Alex helped us a lot with everything we did. Caving was the best thing we did because you got to crawl on our bellies and get soaking wet.


Today group d and e wer climbing rocky cliffs. Mary started off nervous to go abseiling but each time she slipped me and Mathew kept her from sliding down the medium cliff.  We all had fun here and we all conquered our fears in different ways.




Yesterday my group (group B) went canoeing it was really fun. On Wednesday we went caving it was scary but fun. Then on Tuesday we went abseiling it was so scary but loads of people really enjoyed it. I did it!  Before that my group found a little cave where you went down we had to work together to get out.  Me and Sam were really  scared but we manged to do it.

Grace xxxx

Yesterday I went caving with my group and I thought that I couldn`t fit through the small gaps but everyone else kept encouraging me to do it and then we went down the toilet and went through the washing machine and then we went in this 3m long tunnel and they all were so freezing cold after than we went out of the cave and got changed and after that we all got a nice warm cup of hot chocolate.

From Rhys  xxx!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, group E abseiled down a cliff and I took me 28 minutes! I was terrified. I thought I was scared of heights. We went canoeing and Mrs Drysdale tipped the boat, LOL! We also went caving. I banged my head a lot. We had hot chocolate which was delicious! The beds are comfortable and nice but the room is always smelly and hot. We built dens in the creepy, scary woods. The mansion is cool.  I don’t like the food that much but oh well, I put up with it.

  From Ellis XxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

Thursday, 24 November 2016


Today my group and I went in a cave. Kate and I had lots of fun, it was really cold inside but I got used to it. First we had to crawl through little spaces and then when we went in the water inside it was really cold. After that we hat get in a tiny hole [WASHING MACHINE].At the end I got wet but I was fine.

 Lots of love!

From Ana

Thursday evening 5

Today, we have been climbing and abseiling for a few hours and it has been my most favourite activity of the week. Although many people were stuck while getting down, I encouraged them and told them what to do because I have been rock climbing on a cliff before.

Further back in the week, we did orienteering and canoeing (very few fell in the water). The orienteering helped all of us to explore the grounds while during the canoeing, my group learnt a lot about transferring coal using a river and it also gave us a chance to look at the wildlife in Wales.

By Harry

Dear everyone

I, Harvey, have enjoyed Kilvrough. It is a fun place and my friends have been looking after me when I missed my family. My favourite activity was caving because it was: dark, creepy, beautiful and the letter box challenge (it was where you got pushed through a small hole like a letter box itself but we were the mail.)

We didn’t get to go on a zip wire like Anna said but she went to Yenworthy. Every activity was fun and I will see you tomorrow.


So far Kilvrough has been FANTASTIC! The caving has definitely been my favourite, rock climbing\abseiling and canoeing have been fun too. In caving we had to do the letterbox challenge and it was really scary (but fun!).  Ruby

So far Kilvrough is great! We have done canoeing, rock climbing, abseiling and caving. I have really liked all the activities. The canoeing was my favourite, the climbing and abseiling was fun but I like climbing up better, but I still abseiled. The caving makes you get really wet but I still enjoyed.  Jessica Ha