Friday, 25 November 2016

A few more sunny photos...

The last day :(

A beautiful sunny day at Bracelet Bay gave some fantastic opportunities for rock-pooling and sand sculptures today.

What an amazing group of children.  They have achieved so much in such a short time. I hope they have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing them on Monday.

Almost back to school.

We're just had a brief stop, journey going well. Hope to be back at school about 6.45pm
See you soon.

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Just left Kilvrough in the sunshine. We will update an Eta when we are closer to school. Hopefully about 7pm

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Friday morning

To the mums and the dads and siblings

We have really enjoyed our trip to kilvrough and really missing you all! Yesterday we went canoeing which was really fun. We can’t wait to see you guys love you lots!


Indi and Josie


I have enjoyed kilvrough, our guide Alex helped us a lot with everything we did. Caving was the best thing we did because you got to crawl on our bellies and get soaking wet.


Today group d and e wer climbing rocky cliffs. Mary started off nervous to go abseiling but each time she slipped me and Mathew kept her from sliding down the medium cliff.  We all had fun here and we all conquered our fears in different ways.




Yesterday my group (group B) went canoeing it was really fun. On Wednesday we went caving it was scary but fun. Then on Tuesday we went abseiling it was so scary but loads of people really enjoyed it. I did it!  Before that my group found a little cave where you went down we had to work together to get out.  Me and Sam were really  scared but we manged to do it.

Grace xxxx

Yesterday I went caving with my group and I thought that I couldn`t fit through the small gaps but everyone else kept encouraging me to do it and then we went down the toilet and went through the washing machine and then we went in this 3m long tunnel and they all were so freezing cold after than we went out of the cave and got changed and after that we all got a nice warm cup of hot chocolate.

From Rhys  xxx!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, group E abseiled down a cliff and I took me 28 minutes! I was terrified. I thought I was scared of heights. We went canoeing and Mrs Drysdale tipped the boat, LOL! We also went caving. I banged my head a lot. We had hot chocolate which was delicious! The beds are comfortable and nice but the room is always smelly and hot. We built dens in the creepy, scary woods. The mansion is cool.  I don’t like the food that much but oh well, I put up with it.

  From Ellis XxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

Thursday, 24 November 2016


Today my group and I went in a cave. Kate and I had lots of fun, it was really cold inside but I got used to it. First we had to crawl through little spaces and then when we went in the water inside it was really cold. After that we hat get in a tiny hole [WASHING MACHINE].At the end I got wet but I was fine.

 Lots of love!

From Ana

Thursday evening 5

Today, we have been climbing and abseiling for a few hours and it has been my most favourite activity of the week. Although many people were stuck while getting down, I encouraged them and told them what to do because I have been rock climbing on a cliff before.

Further back in the week, we did orienteering and canoeing (very few fell in the water). The orienteering helped all of us to explore the grounds while during the canoeing, my group learnt a lot about transferring coal using a river and it also gave us a chance to look at the wildlife in Wales.

By Harry

Dear everyone

I, Harvey, have enjoyed Kilvrough. It is a fun place and my friends have been looking after me when I missed my family. My favourite activity was caving because it was: dark, creepy, beautiful and the letter box challenge (it was where you got pushed through a small hole like a letter box itself but we were the mail.)

We didn’t get to go on a zip wire like Anna said but she went to Yenworthy. Every activity was fun and I will see you tomorrow.


So far Kilvrough has been FANTASTIC! The caving has definitely been my favourite, rock climbing\abseiling and canoeing have been fun too. In caving we had to do the letterbox challenge and it was really scary (but fun!).  Ruby

So far Kilvrough is great! We have done canoeing, rock climbing, abseiling and caving. I have really liked all the activities. The canoeing was my favourite, the climbing and abseiling was fun but I like climbing up better, but I still abseiled. The caving makes you get really wet but I still enjoyed.  Jessica Ha


Thursday evening 3

Having a great time at Kilvrough. We have completed canoeing, climbing (on the beach) and caving. I tried everything and very pleased with myself. See you soon!

Lots and lots of love from Indi xxx

Dear people I know

So far I am loving it but the sleep is hard (people snoring) I have done all of the activities (abseiling, canoeing, caving) I enjoyed the abseiling and the caving but I did capsize into the water I have had so much fun I am planning on getting one of the tops see you guys at home .I have got over my fear of abseiling (have a good time without me lol jk coming home soon brbJ.

Love from Tom l/Thomas (if you know me that way).

So far Kilvrough is good and we have been abseiling, canoeing, caving and a low ropes course. I enjoyed canoeing the best because I could power through the water and it was fun. The caving was scary at first but I got used to it. When we did abseiling we had to go down a big hole, slide along a slim crevice and climb up a slippery slope (I was scared L). I will see you soon.

From Jim :D

Today (Thursday) group A went canoeing. When we went  canoeing it was really fun . The best bit was when Tom L fell in to the canal (it was so funny :D   


It’s been really fun and awesome being at Kilvrough. I found it funny when Tegan fell in the water but then pretty much everyone nearly did. Me and Emily where really bad at it but we tried eventually we got the hang of it then the tutor got in our boat he's really nice his name is Sam but I call him Samuel lol.

Caving was really fun and a bit tricky at sometimes we all got really wet but it was soooooooo awesome I went on every little bit there was.

 Miss you guys a lot bye

From Holly


Thursday evening 3

I have had a really fab time and I miss you all so much. We’re exploring the beach for half a day and then we will be getting on the coach to come home love you and see you tomorrow.

From Ciara

I’ve had a great time here at Kilvrough and I miss you so much, I have been climbing by the sea, caving and canoeing. I think that canoeing was the best because I felt at home on the canal, see you tomorrow. xx

From Dawid J.

We’ve had a really fab time and I’ve tried stuff that I have never done before, we’ve done canoeing, rock climbing, scrambling, abseiling, caving, orienteering, building dens and on Friday we are going on a beach exploration. I was really scared in caving but in the end I was really confident and was leading some of the challenges. I found rock climbing and scrambling really fun and easy. But I most enjoyed canoeing because I was quite good at it after I had got the hang of it, Beth must be rubbing of on me! But most of all I’ve enjoyed being at Kilvrough!

From Max R   JJJ

I really like all the activities, I have tried all of them, even though I haven’t tried any of these. My favourite was the canoeing then the climbing then the caving. The caving gets you so wet, it goes through your caving suit and gets your clothes underneath wet as well. I really like being at Kilvrough. At night we do orienteering, which is reading maps and reading codes. I’m in a room with Ana, Isabelle, Mary, Rosa, Rebeka, Jess, Celia.

From Kate!

Today we went abseiling. I thought I would fall but Jamie told me I had to lean backwards and it worked! The steeper it gets the easier it is to abseil down. When I got to the bottom I thought the waves would hit me but it didn’t. I am in a room with Aaron, Harvey, Liam and Ian although he hasn’t come.

From Matthew!!!

I have already wrote to you but I decided to write again, today we did some abseiling it’s been my favourite so far we’ve seen some excellent   views since we were abseiling off a wall above the sea however we had to move pretty fast because the tide came in very quick. Im not sure I told u in my other blog but when I went  canoeing Mrs, Drysdale wanted to get into mine and Emily's boat but she tipped us in on accident. Although I would have preferred not to get wet it was very funny and was one of my highlights of the day. We canoed up a massive river. I also miss u and everyone else at home even though I have had a brilliant experience here I’m very excited to come home and see you and everyone.

-Tegan xxxx


In total my experience has been awesome!

But I am afraid your child will be absolutely drenched with energy.

The next year Year Sixes should be very excited. Alex


Dear mum and dad

Kilvrough is epic, the beds are really comfy! My favourite activity was canoeing because I got wet and puffed-out; hopefully I am going to get a good-nights-sleep. I also mastered controlling the canoe, which was a big achievement.

Down in the deep, dark, Cave was group-B the epic wandering and sliding though the previously formed stalactites …..



Dear everyone,

I have loved kilvrough. My favourite part was when we went abseiling because we had lots of fun but however, I was a bit scared at first. But I really loved it here.

From Hannah


To mum 

On Monday we drove here and we did some outdoor activity after that and then we went to sleep. On Tuesday we went caving we had to walk through water and then we went sleep. On Wednesday we went canoeing and I jumped in the  freezing cold water. It was fun.

On Thursday we went abseiling  and we went scrambling on the rocks.



It’s really fun here and I have been doing lots of exciting but scary activities. I went abseiling and today I went caving it was fun but I got really wet. Tomorrow I’m coming home so see you soon!

From Millie


Yo people (who I know lols),

So far, the activities have been epic (I mean awesome lols), but it took a while to get to sleep (people snoring and talking (wait what?)) but apart from that stuff, it was awesome (finally used the aim word lols!). There was abseiling, caving, (I put a picture at the top of the page /\) and canoeing. The best part was the abseiling because we got to go down hills that were too steep for grass to grow on them :D.

From Danny / Daniel.

Thursday evening

Dear Family,

Today we went abseiling and at first everyone was very nervous especially Ellis and girls, however one they got kited up and starting to shuffle down they got over it and loved how far they had got through the week. Also despite the fact that people were holding the rope for precious people they still kept falling asleep and falling to the side of the cliff edge! But overall everyone really enjoyed their day and the scrambling over rocks. “We loved it”


Thursday morning 4

Yesterday, team A went caving, it was fun but it was also cold and scary. I went through this thing called the letterbox, where you turn your head to the side and push yourself, with two people at the back holding your legs up. Today I’m going canoeing, I’m really excited.




Two days ago, team C went rock climbing; a lot of the team conquered the fear of heights. After that, we all abseiled down a cliff, it was scary at first but we all managed to do it. The most tiring part has to of been climbing up a really steep hill> everybody managed to push themselves so we all did the task and were proud of ourselves. Today we are going caving, I can’t wait!



On Tuesday, my group (group E) went caving and it was amazing! We had to cross massive rapids to get to some other roots and we clambered through tiny spaces where you had to tilt your head to go through! Moreover, we also had an amazing time on Wednesday. My group went canoeing and we did a challenge called the wobble challenge which is where you and your partner have to stand in the boat and rock it side to side as much as you can. I’m having a great time and I’m looking forwards to seeing you soon!

P.S my dorm is awesome I have 7 people and they are everyone I put on my list!

Love you all!!

Ellie x

Thursday morning 3

I enjoyed canoeing, it was a bit scary at first but I was glad that I didn’t get wet, I was scared of doing it but I’m glad I did it, I feel now I have done it I can do it again and not feel that frightened.



Yesterday I went canoeing, I was really fun and we all enjoyed it. We all got to play games and in our boats we hade to stand up and shake the boats, at the end we got to go in the water, it was so fun.



Yesterday we went canoeing; it was very fun, and scary in a way. We had to guide the canoe through obstacles such as twigs, trees, logs, bushes, and more. We also at night had to make dens out of logs twigs and sticks, and our group won. We had a downstairs with logs and a fire place, and we made a staircase with some logs and bamboo. Then you would be at a watching point. I am having so much fun!

Mary x

Thursday morning 2

On Tuesday, I went caving! It was very scary but I did it and I’m proud of myself for trying it and having a go. I conquered my fear of small spaces and I had loads of fun. I also tried all of the challenges. My favourite challenge was the toilet challenge. We had to be dropped into a small hole and go through a tunnel, that was filled with water. Then, we finally reached the other end and climbed out…

I miss you loads and I’ll see you soon!

P.S I have the best dorm ever!

Love all of you

From Emily xxx



Yesterday, I went canoeing and I got soaking wet, which was very hard work for us. On Tuesday I went caving, despite the fact it was dark and wet in the cave, I really enjoyed it. The cave itself was chilly and dark but was very fun!

Today I’m going climbing and abseiling and that is the activity I am most looking forwards to!

Lots of love

Celia xxx

Thursday morning

What an amazing week we are having, beautiful scenery and very lucky with the weather.  It has been lovely to watch the children flourishing over the course of the week.  The buzz has been how people have conquered their fears, supported and encouraged each other and gained in confidence as the week has progressed.  There are many things that I haven't tried before and have loved the support and encouragement from the children - we've all been in it together.  I'm looking forward to climbing today, hoping to see seals and porpoises as some of the others did.

Mrs Patten