Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thursday evening 3

I have had a really fab time and I miss you all so much. We’re exploring the beach for half a day and then we will be getting on the coach to come home love you and see you tomorrow.

From Ciara

I’ve had a great time here at Kilvrough and I miss you so much, I have been climbing by the sea, caving and canoeing. I think that canoeing was the best because I felt at home on the canal, see you tomorrow. xx

From Dawid J.

We’ve had a really fab time and I’ve tried stuff that I have never done before, we’ve done canoeing, rock climbing, scrambling, abseiling, caving, orienteering, building dens and on Friday we are going on a beach exploration. I was really scared in caving but in the end I was really confident and was leading some of the challenges. I found rock climbing and scrambling really fun and easy. But I most enjoyed canoeing because I was quite good at it after I had got the hang of it, Beth must be rubbing of on me! But most of all I’ve enjoyed being at Kilvrough!

From Max R   JJJ

I really like all the activities, I have tried all of them, even though I haven’t tried any of these. My favourite was the canoeing then the climbing then the caving. The caving gets you so wet, it goes through your caving suit and gets your clothes underneath wet as well. I really like being at Kilvrough. At night we do orienteering, which is reading maps and reading codes. I’m in a room with Ana, Isabelle, Mary, Rosa, Rebeka, Jess, Celia.

From Kate!

Today we went abseiling. I thought I would fall but Jamie told me I had to lean backwards and it worked! The steeper it gets the easier it is to abseil down. When I got to the bottom I thought the waves would hit me but it didn’t. I am in a room with Aaron, Harvey, Liam and Ian although he hasn’t come.

From Matthew!!!

I have already wrote to you but I decided to write again, today we did some abseiling it’s been my favourite so far we’ve seen some excellent   views since we were abseiling off a wall above the sea however we had to move pretty fast because the tide came in very quick. Im not sure I told u in my other blog but when I went  canoeing Mrs, Drysdale wanted to get into mine and Emily's boat but she tipped us in on accident. Although I would have preferred not to get wet it was very funny and was one of my highlights of the day. We canoed up a massive river. I also miss u and everyone else at home even though I have had a brilliant experience here I’m very excited to come home and see you and everyone.

-Tegan xxxx

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