Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thursday morning 3

I enjoyed canoeing, it was a bit scary at first but I was glad that I didn’t get wet, I was scared of doing it but I’m glad I did it, I feel now I have done it I can do it again and not feel that frightened.



Yesterday I went canoeing, I was really fun and we all enjoyed it. We all got to play games and in our boats we hade to stand up and shake the boats, at the end we got to go in the water, it was so fun.



Yesterday we went canoeing; it was very fun, and scary in a way. We had to guide the canoe through obstacles such as twigs, trees, logs, bushes, and more. We also at night had to make dens out of logs twigs and sticks, and our group won. We had a downstairs with logs and a fire place, and we made a staircase with some logs and bamboo. Then you would be at a watching point. I am having so much fun!

Mary x

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