Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thursday morning 4

Yesterday, team A went caving, it was fun but it was also cold and scary. I went through this thing called the letterbox, where you turn your head to the side and push yourself, with two people at the back holding your legs up. Today I’m going canoeing, I’m really excited.




Two days ago, team C went rock climbing; a lot of the team conquered the fear of heights. After that, we all abseiled down a cliff, it was scary at first but we all managed to do it. The most tiring part has to of been climbing up a really steep hill> everybody managed to push themselves so we all did the task and were proud of ourselves. Today we are going caving, I can’t wait!



On Tuesday, my group (group E) went caving and it was amazing! We had to cross massive rapids to get to some other roots and we clambered through tiny spaces where you had to tilt your head to go through! Moreover, we also had an amazing time on Wednesday. My group went canoeing and we did a challenge called the wobble challenge which is where you and your partner have to stand in the boat and rock it side to side as much as you can. I’m having a great time and I’m looking forwards to seeing you soon!

P.S my dorm is awesome I have 7 people and they are everyone I put on my list!

Love you all!!

Ellie x

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